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To sincere·To development

Sincere cooperation, to work together to win. Whenever, JADO China has always stick to work with many excellent company, 

hold the concept "innovation, cooperation, understanding, and win-win", actively cooperate with you,improvement hand in hand,

Enhance each high speed healthy development, work together to create a wonderful future.

JADO Chinas choice is the worlds leading technology and service providers

JADO selection are the worlds leading technology and service providers, more than 80% components are international procurement , 

including: the United States GE company, United States  Ambarella etc .
Japan MURATEC, TDK, Germany Epcos, etc ,has established long-term stable partner cooperative relations
JADO has many patents, to provide consumers with higher quality products and services.

Meanwhile, we also established good cooperation relations with domestic many well-known enterprises and automobile manufacturers , 

cooperation partners included: China Mobile, Yueda Kia, Zhongsheng group, Jingdong Mall, Alibaba, Amazon......

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